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5 Healthy Crockpot Dog Food Recipes

Controlling your dog’s diet is a significant factor to lengthen its life. We are all aware of the ready-made dog foods in the market, but homemade dog foods are much healthier. First, it can help you save money because top brands are quite expensive. Second, you have the overall control of every single ingredient it includes.

Some dogs are picky about what they consume. Sometimes they end up having an allergic reaction because of wrong ingestions. Most dog parents have agreed on using crockpot in preparing safer dog food recipes. So, I will be discussing some of the healthiest crockpot recipes for dogs in the rest of the article.

What Is A Crockpot?

A crockpot is a tool for slow cooking recipes, which benefits busy household in cooking dog meals. It might cost extra but renders more feature for better cooking. I am not holding you back not to spend extra as long as you are picking the right tool.

Let’s proceed to the main point of this article. Below are my five favorite homemade healthy crockpot dog food recipes you can try.

The Top 5 Crockpot Dog Food Recipes

1. Chicken Crockpot

Chicken bones are bad for pups for it may cause throat clogging. This recipe takes away chicken bones and only considers the meat part, specifically the breast part. It includes some simple ingredients, such as brown rice, sweet potato, green beans, and carrots. The recipes provide fibre, protein, and fewer calories, which is the right to manage the dog’s diet. One cup of meal a day is enough to supply the pet’s needed nutrients.

You can substitute veggies like spinach, broccoli, and squash to the original recipes with the same healthy qualities. It takes up to 8-hours of slow cooking to get the recipe ready.


  • Layer the ingredients into the crockpot and then add two cups of water
  • Slow cook for 8-hours
  • Split up the chicken into smaller pieces

Serve the meal at low temperature. Put extra meals on a container and refrigerate for the next meals.

2. The Meat Feast

Dogs love to eat meat. The Meat Feast recipe consists of ground beef and pork meat, which are both rich in protein and other nutrients. Picky taste cannot say no to these prime recipes. Frozen meat adds up 45-minutes to the cooking time.

The added veggies and fruits add flavor and vitamins onto the dog’s homemade food. The nutritious ingredients are chopped or in cubs to be cooked quickly. It helps in the faster growth of your doggo.


  • Cut the vegetables and fruits
  • Add the ingredients into the crockpot and stir occasionally
  • Slow cook for up to 7-hours

Cool down the meal and serve to your dog. The remaining meals can be stored in an airtight container up to five days inside the refrigerator.

3. Make-Ahead Doggie Stew

Have no enough time to prepare a meal for your dogs? Here is a healthy time saver dog food to be made at home. It is a high-quality food source without any additives or unhealthy ingredients. Chicken meat and vegetable recipes are a good source of protein, which is beneficial for dogs. Veggies such as cauliflower, squash, and sweet potatoes are added due to its antioxidant property.

If you are unsure of the other ingredients, let the pet eat small amount first and observe its reaction.


  • Put all the ingredients, except for the peas, parsley, and olive oil, to the crockpot for 8-hours. Add some water on it
  • Add the peas and parsley on the last 15-minutes of slow cooking
  • Let it cool down. Get a bowl and put on the cooked ingredients then mash until you achieve the desired consistency

The serving size will depend on the dog’s breed and size. Put on the extra meals on ziplock bags and store in the fridge.

4. Veggie Protein Blast

Asking your dog’s vet must be your first move before giving your pet a meal. It is a cost-friendly dog meal recipe because of the veggies involved. Vegetables, which are a great source of protein, are added on the Veggie Protein Blast recipe. It includes carrots, sweet potatoes, and peas. The added blueberries give more flavours to the meal, which is pet-friendly.

Aside from the veggies, it also includes chicken thighs and ground turkey meat. Those are protein-rich meats that are good for dog’s health. Preparation time is about 15-minutes.


  • Place the chicken thighs and ground turkey meat in the crockpot with enough water to cover them.
  • Add the remaining ingredients into the pot
  • Slow cook for 12-hours
  • Let it cool. Then, remove the chicken bones to avoid choking cases

You can freely serve the meal to your pet any time of the day. Store the excess amount of food in an airtight container to make it available for the next meals.

5. Beef Bonanza

Beef can be too fatty for dogs that cause the pets to be overweight. The alternative could be a lean beef with a lower amount of fat. Or, you can replace beef with chicken or ground turkey, which are known as a high protein source. Doing so can alter the taste of the meal.

Thanks to the added veggies, which balances the nutrients the meal provides on dogs. It includes butternut squash, carrots, peas, and beans.


  • Put on the ground beef, brown rice, and chopped squash in the slow cooker and then stir
  • Add the remaining veggies and four cups of water and mix well
  • Slow cook for 6-hours

The dog food is ready once being cooled down.


Homemade dog foods are made more comfortable with the use of a crockpot or a slow cooker. Healthy crockpot dog food recipes could be the best deals for busy dog parents. They can prepare meals for their fur babies, personally.

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